What are the Most Common Causes of Cell Phone Damage?


Although there aren’t any hard figures, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that quite a few cellphones are broken each and every month. While that’s not too much of a shock, what’s more, interesting is the wide variety of causes behind broken phones. To get an idea of what’s causing so many phones to end up at least temporarily inoperable, let’s go over the seven most common causes:


If your phone isn’t in a case and you drop it while walking, it may not survive the fall. And even if it is in a case, it may not fare too well if the case isn’t overly durable. That reality is why it’s important to protect your phone with a rugged case and a strong screen protector.


Your front pockets may seem like a safe place to keep your phone. But if you forget that the pocket you put your phone in also contains items like keys or loose change, you may get an unpleasant surprise when you pull your phone out. Scratches on the screen, back or both sides are all possibilities.


Back in 2011, a survey found that 39% of people took their cellphone in the bathroom. It also found that 19% had dropped their phone in a toilet at least once. With the increase in Twitter and other social media usage, it only stands to reason that even more people are using their phones behind locked doors. So whether it’s in their back pocket or they knock it off the side of the sink, there are a lot of ways a phone can end up floating in a toilet bowl.


Plenty of people prefers to keep their cellphone in their back pockets. Unfortunately, a toilet isn’t the only danger that storage location presents. Even though it won’t happen on every surface, it’s possible for a phone in your back pocket to break when you sit down. For example, if you plop down on the ground without realizing it’s concrete, you may pull out your phone and discover that its screen is cracked.


The good news is both the iPhone and virtually all Android phones have a feature that allows you to track down your phone in the event it’s stolen. The bad news is even if you do successfully recover your phone, there’s a chance that it will have been damaged by the person who took it.


Whether they get pushed in or fall in on their own, no one wants to take a dip when their phone is still in their pocket. If this happens to you, the most important thing to remember is don’t turn it back on until it’s been checked out by a technician.

Unwanted Playing

From little kids to annoying friends, if someone grabs your phone and starts messing around with it, there’s a chance that they may cause internal or external damage to it.

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