Spend Less on a Cell Phone

Having a working cell phone is basically a requirement for being a member of modern society. Even if you aren’t all that into technology, you need a mobile phone to keep in touch with all your friends and family. Additionally, a working cell is a key requirement for many jobs.
 While it’s pretty much impossible to get away with not having a phone, that doesn’t mean you should have to pay an arm and a leg for it. If you want to spend less on your phone and its mobile plan, here are five tips to help you save:

Review Your Bill on a Regular Basis

Cell phone providers are technically required to inform you of any increases to your bill. But because they can bury that information in a long update letter, the best thing to do is look over your bill every few months and confirm that you know exactly what you’re paying for.


Getting on a plan with one or more of your family members may allow you to significantly reduce what you have to pay for cell service each month.

Reconsider Extras

Although monthly extras like insurance may seem like a good deal, that’s not always the case. If you’re paying for extras that you haven’t really thought about, it’s worth carefully analyzing them to see if they’re something you truly need.

Text for Free

With free apps like Google Voice, you can lower or completely eliminate paying a monthly fee for texting without reducing the number of texts that you send.

Don’t Buy a New Phone

Out of all the costs associated with owning a cell phone, the most expensive is the cost of the phone itself. While carriers will often subsidize the cost of a new phone when you sign a two-year contract with them for the first time, if you try to buy another phone during that period, you’ll likely be shocked at the true cost.

Because buying a phone is so expensive, a great way to save money is to not buy a new one. Although that may seem easy when your phone is working fine, what happens if it gets damaged? The good news is even though you may think a damaged phone is going to result in you paying a hefty price for a different one, there’s another option.

Before going out and spending lots of money because your current phone isn’t working properly, give us a call at 0754 690 690. Whether your dog chewed on your phone, it got dropped in water or you have a cracked screen that makes it nearly impossible to do anything, we have the training, experience, and tools necessary to fix a wide range of damage.

Since our customers are often amazed by what we’re able to repair, even if your phone seems like it’s in really bad shape, it’s worth getting in touch with us to see if we can help!

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